Compressed Air Requirements

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Tool/EquipmentSize or TypeAir Pressure (PSI)Air Consumed (CFM)
(pounds per sq. in.)(cu. ft. of free air per min.)
Air BushingSmall or Large80-9015-25
Air Filter Cleaner70-1003
Air HammerLight to Heavy70-904.0-40
Air Hoist1,000 lb and under70-901 cf/ft.lift
Air Hoist2,000lb to 10,000lb70-905 cf/ft. lift
Air Hoist10,000lb And larger up to70-9015 cf/ ft. lift
Angle Nut Setters5/16" weighing 8 lbs. 1/2"70-9020
Angle Nut Settersto 3/4" weighing 8 lbs.70-9030
Backfill Tamper70-1007
Bead Breaker125-15012
Blow Gun70-903
Body Polisher70-1002
Body SanderOrbital70-1005
Brake Tester70-1004
Burring ToolSmall70-1004
Burring ToolLarge70-1006
Burring Tool14,000lb cap70-9010
Bus or Truck Lift8,000lb cap70-906
Car Lift70-906
Car Rocker70-1003
Carbon Remover70-9010.0-15.0
Carving Tools70-9010.0-15.0
Carving ToolsMonumental70-1007
Chain SawLightweight70-10022
Chain SawHeavy Duty70-9028-30
Chipping HammersWeighing 2-4 lbs70-9039
Chipping HammersHeavier than 13 lbs70-9030
Chipping HammersWeighing 10-13 lbs70-9012
Concrete Vibrators70-1004
Die Grinder70-1007
Drills, Piston70-9020-90
Drills, Rotary70-1003
Dusting Blow Gun70-905
Engine, Cleaning70-1009
Fender Hammer70-9020
File & Burr Tools70-9018
Filing/ Sawing MachineSmall90-1003
Filing/ Sawing MachineLarge90-1005
Grease Gun70-903
Grease GunHi Pressure120-1504
GrindersW" Wheel70-9050
GrindersZ" Wheel70-9020
Grinders - Horizontal6" to 8" wheel70-9050
Grinders - Horizontal2"-2 1/2" wheels70-9014-20
Grinders - Horizontal1-1/2" wheels and under70-9010
Grinders and Sanders - VerticalLarge70-9053
Grinders and Sanders - VerticalMedium70-9030
Grinders and Sanders - VerticalSmall70-9022
Hoist1 ton70-1001
Hydraulic Floor Jack125-1506
Hydraulic Lift145-1756
Impact Wrench/ Screw DriverSmall to Large70-904-10.0
Impact Wrenchesto-1/2"70-905
Impact Wrenches1/2" to 3/4"70-9010
Impact Wrenches3/4" to 1 1/4"70-9020
Impact Wrenches1-1/4" to 2"70-9030
Impact Wrenches2" to 3"70-9055
Impact Wrenches3" to 12"70-90100
Laboratory Outlet/ Station40-701
Nailers and Staplers70-1005.0-8.0
Nut Setters & Runners1/4" cap to 3/4" cap70-906-30.0
Paint SprayersProtection gun40-7020
Paint SprayersSmall Hand70-902.0-7.0
Plug Drills70-9040-50
Pneumatic Door40-902
Pneumatic Garage Door120-503
Radiator Tester90-1001
Rim Stripper100-1206
Rivet Buster70-9035-39
Riveters3/32"-1" rivets70-9012
RivetersLarger weighing 18-22 lbs.70-9035
Riveting Hammer70-1008
Rotary Sanders70-9030
Sand Blasting (Blasting Data Pg J-17)Wide Variation906-400
Sand Hammer70-9025-40
Sand Rammers and Tampers1" x 4" cylinders70-9025
Sand Rammers and Tampers1-1/4" x 5" cylinders70-9028
Sand Rammers and Tampers1-1/2" x 6" cylinders70-9039
Scaling Hammer70-1003
ScrewdriversNbr. 2 to 6 screw70-905
ScrewdriversNbr. 6 to 5/16" screw70-9010
Spark Plug CleanerReach 36-4570-905
Spray Gun Engine Cleaner90-1005
Spring Oiler40-704
Spring Oiler90-1004
Steel Drills, Piston TypeCapacity 1/2"-3/4" 13-15 lbs.70-9045
Steel Drills, Piston TypeCapacity 7/8"-1-1/4" weighing 25-30 lbs.70-9075-80
Steel Drills, Piston TypeCapacity 1-1/4"-2" weighing 40-50 lbs.70-9080-90
Steel Drills, Piston TypeCapacity 2"-3" weighing 55-75 lbs.70-90100-110
Steel Drills, Rotary MotorsCapacity up to 1/4" weighing 1 1/2-4 lbs.70-9018-20
Steel Drills, Rotary MotorsCapacity 1/4"-3/8" weighing 6-8 lbs.70-9020-40
Steel Drills, Rotary MotorsCapacity 1/2"-3/4" weighing 9-14 lbs.70-9070
Steel Drills, Rotary MotorsCapacity 7/8"-1" weighing 25 lbs.70-9080
Steel Drills, Rotary MotorsCapacity 1-1/4" weighing 30 lbs.70-9095
Sump Pumps145 gals. At 50 foot head70-9070
Tapperto 3/8"70-1005
Tire Changer70-901
Tire Changer125-1502
Tire Hammer90-10012
Tire Inflater70-902
Tire Inflation Line125-1502
Tire Rim Stripper125-1506
Tire Spreader70-901
Tire Spreader125-1502
Touch Up Paint Spray Gun90-1004
Transmission/ Differential Flusher70-1003
Undercoat Paint Spray Gun90-10019
Vacuum Cleaner Shop100-1206
Valve Grinder70-902
Vertical Disc Sander90-10010
Wood Borers1"-2"70-9040-80
Wood Borers1" diameter weighing 4 lbs70-9040
Wood Borers2" diameter weighing 26 lbs.70-9080